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Image by Ian Stauffer


New World 

New World Health Institute (NWHI) is a leader in Consciousness-based Health Studies. Rooted in the consciousness-based principles and practices of Heart-based Meditation, awareness, and health we are dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals and putting the care back into healthcare

NWHI recognizes that health and healing is no longer just in the hands of clinical professionals but rather lies within individuals and growing the field of consciousness-based healing practitioners and modalities. Students of NWHI go on to become Consciousness-based Medicine Practitioners, Consciousness-based Health Coaches, Ayurvedic Health Practitioners, and health advocates in their community.

Our educational trainings and personal development programs elicit the power of consciousness and health in all areas of life from gross to subtle - physical, mental, emotional, ancestral, archetypal and spiritual. We offer a comprehensive system for facilitating transformation through our Consciousness-based Medicine (CBM) care model. 

We are committed to supporting individuals, communities, and corporations in creating health through our coaching and outreach services. It is our mission to transform the health of the world - one individual, one student, one practitioner, and one community at a time. 

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