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Our Consciousness Model

Underlying our approach to health and to health coaching is the consciousness model.  Our consciousness model involves understanding consciousness, its frequencies, feedback systems, and its capacity for expansion and development as these are fundamental to health. This model is the most comprehensive approach to health and is the foundation for Ayurveda and Consciousness-based Health Coaching at New World Health Institute,.

This is an introduction to the four key principles of our consciousness-based model. We hope you are intrigued to learn more as we truly believe this knowledge will change the world for the better.



We are all like waves on an ocean of consciousness. Generally we are not aware of the ocean and so feel disconnected from others. In reality all of creation arises out of one underlying unified field and modern physics is beginning to recognize that this field is consciousness.

This image illustrates how we are all like individual waves that appear from the same ocean. If our consciousness level ends at the normal awareness level we are unaware of our common source with others. We feel separate. As we grow our awareness and expand our consciousness we come to understand that we all arise from the underlying unified field. This realization alone is transformational. Imagine if you knew yourself to be an indivisible part of all that is? What kind of safety and security would this bring to your life?


The psychology of consciousness is just in its infancy from a research standpoint. However, its efficacy has been known for centuries by those engaged in inner development. While the power of awareness to heal emotional, mental, energetic and physical conditions is just being defined and researched in the West, it has a long history of acceptance in the East.


Consciousness-based Medicine blends East and West and uses techniques that are based in awareness and based on the ability of conscious awareness to restructure patterns of neural function and anatomical changes within the brain. Meditation is the most studied aspect of Consciousness-based Medicine. But there are others that are equally potent - body awareness techniques, heart-centering techniques, breath awareness and control, subtle intentional awareness techniques and more. Physical and nutritional techniques whose origin in Eastern Medicine, specifically the consciousness-based aspects of Ayurvedic Medicine, are also potent techniques of CBM.

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