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Training Program

Become a health Coach



Our health coach training programs combine health coaching skills, behavior change models, health promotion and disease prevention, and the expansion of consciousness to facilitate conscious human development. Whether you participate in our 8-month or Dual Track Program you are guaranteed to learn and grow both personally and professionally. We encourage you to meet with a faculty mentor to learn more about our programs and to get started in co-creating your personal study plan.

Health Coaching Program       Commences September 2023

Unit I

Health Coaching Fundamentals

Unit II

The Art of Health Coaching

Unit III

Health Coach Development



Small Group Practice

Times will vary based on coaching practice group assignments. 



Please contact us for your program cohort schedule and requirements.

This is an 8-month Health and Wellness Coach Training program designed for students who are looking to immerse themselves into the education and training required to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.*


The program consists of 100 total hours of training in Health Coaching  – including two 12-week units, one 8-week unit, two 3-day intensives, and one practical skills assessment. The core curriculum is taught through two live web-based immersions in combination with monthly online workshops, practice groups, and health and wellness seminars. Each cohort will progress through health coaching fundamentals, the art of health coaching, and explore conscious awareness and conscious human development.

After establishing a foundational understanding and applied skill set in health coaching students will focus on their health coach development. It is during this period of integration and coaching practice that students will learn experientially, have the opportunity to explore coaching topics , and receive faculty mentorship to support their experience.

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