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Welcome to The Consciousness-based Health and Wellness Coaching Training Program



The Consciousness-based Health and Wellness Coaching Program combines health coaching skills, behavior change models, health promotion, disease prevention, and inner growth to facilitate conscious human development. We encourage you to schedule a free Q&A appointment to meet with a faculty mentor and learn more about the program and get started in co-creating your new career.

National Board Certification     

New World Health Institute - Consciousness-based Health Coaching is an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for the HWC Certifying Examination to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

Program Start: TBD

Unit I - Health Coaching Fundamentals

Meets Live: Thursdays  5:00-7:05pm EDT


Immersion Dates: TBD

9:00am - 7:35pm EDT

Unit II - The Art of Health Coaching

Meets Live: Thursdays 5:00-7:05pm EDT


Immersion Dates: TBD

9:00am - 7:35pm EDT

Unit III - Health Coach Development

Meets Live: Thursdays 5:00-7:05pm EDT


Dyad/Triad Peer Coaching  Practice

Times will vary based on coaching practice group assignments. 

Please contact us for your program cohort schedule and requirements.

This is an 8-month Health and Wellness Coach Training program designed for students who are looking to immerse themselves into the education and training required to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.


The program consists of over 100 hours of training in Health and Wellness Coaching. The core curriculum is taught through our two live online immersions in combination with monthly online workshops, practice groups, and health and wellness seminars. Each cohort will progress through health coaching fundamentals, the art of health coaching, and explore conscious awareness and conscious human development throughout the program.

After establishing a foundational understanding and applied skill set in health coaching, students will focus on their health coach development. It is during this period of integration and coaching practice that students will learn experientially through case based-studies, explore advanced coaching topics, and receive faculty mentorship to support their experience.

Class Descriptions


Health & Wellness Coaching Immersions

Our learning community values the ability to take time for immersing ourselves in deep knowledge and wisdom; in fact we believe it is essential in graduating knowledgeable and adept health coaches. Through connection with other student coaches and faculty there is an opportunity to engage with educational material and topics in a systematic process that brings structure, conceptual frameworks, and theory to life. The immersions are live, multi-day events that enhance experiential learning and build community among each cohort. We will engage in shared-experiences, deepen coaching principles and develop practical skills as we immerse in the foundations of health coaching and explore the future of health coaching.  Our immersions create a foundation and appreciation for health coaching as a growing field and transformational process. 

Health & Wellness Seminars        

As a Consciousness-based Health Coach, a working knowledge of health and wellness is important. As part of our training program we provide focused education and practical experience through case-based Health & Wellness Seminars. The purpose of our Health & Wellness Seminar series is to orient student coaches to chronic disease patterns, common health questions or concerns, and trends in Integrative Health. You will broaden your understanding of Health & Wellness while learning the latest science, clinical approaches, and health coaching applications during each unit. 

Topics of study include:
Lifestyle Medicine

Sleep Health

Weight Loss

Cardiovascular Health

Digestive Health
Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes

Integrative Health
*All seminars and health topics integrate principles of ayurveda, food as medicine, and functional and/or integrative health information when appropriate. 


Coaching Workshops

Our didactic coaching concepts and skill building begins in our focused workshops. Workshops are designed to engage student coaches in their own personal practice while introducing core health coaching techniques and tools. In six comprehensive workshops students will explore the fundamentals of health coaching, communication techniques, transformational change strategies, and sustainable prevention models for health and behavior change. Through a variety of learning methods the workshops will allow students to deeply experience the power of Consciousness-based Health Coaching on both a personal and professional level.

Topics of study include:
Coaching Structure 

Coaching Process

The Transtheoretical Model of Change - Stages of Change

Motivational Interviewing


Coaching Practice

While both an art and a science, coaching is a skill and communication style to be practiced. Coaching in fact, is often a dance of multiple skills and language styles used at the same time. Our Coaching Practice sessions allow students the opportunity to start coaching early in their studies. Health coaching requires high level integration of information, experience, and practical skills in order to best serve the patient-client; facilitated practice is key in practical skills development! Students will have the opportunity to discover their own voice, explore the language of coaching, and put theory into practice. Throughout our Coaching Practice sessions we use frequent coaching conversations, interactive coaching feedback, coach self-inquiry, and diverse feedback methods to support the development of our coaches.


Coaching Intensives

Coaching Intensives are self-paced modules designed to help students build their coaching tool-kit. This interactive content, guided by faculty, focuses on a coaching topic area, coaching skill, or coaching theory that will help the student formulate their coaching approach. Students will examine tools, templates, and resources that inform the field of coaching and are essential to facilitating behavior change. With this focused attention students will gain a strong understanding of philosophical principles while exploring insights into practical application. 
Topics of study include:
Wellness Planning

Language Models

Consciousness-based Model of Change


Program Assessments

Students will be assessed on coaching knowledge and practical skills throughout the training program. We value the assessment process to support students in evaluating their learning and also to review and revise our teaching methods/curriculum. To demonstrate comprehension and core competencies students will complete quizzes, Practical Skill Evaluations, and a final Practical Skills Assessment. The following are required for successful completion and graduation from the training program and to be eligible for the National Board Certification Exam for Health and Wellness Coaching*. 


Dyad/Triad Coaching Practice 

Dyad and Triad Coaching Practice provides students the time to integrate learned material and core coaching competencies with their peers. Students are assigned to a Dyad/Triad group and guided by coaching prompts that include both real play and role play scenarios. Students engage in a safe learning space where they will have the opportunity to experience the roles of the coach, client, and observer. Dyad/Triad coaching practice enhances the value of peer learning, builds coaching confidence, and facilitates applied skill building. (Dyad/Triad coaching practice opportunities are also incorporated into in-person classes when appropriate).  


Faculty Mentorship 

Mentorship is a key component of our training program to support students in embodying and integrating the fundamentals of Health Coaching. Our faculty provides mentorship to students through 1:1 discussion, focused skill review sessions, personal coaching, and practical skills assessments based on the individual student’s needs. Our mentorship opportunities allow us to offer a more individualized learning experience tailored to each student’s study plan. This is available to students before, during, and after the program by appointment. 

New World Health Institute - Consciousness-based Health Coaching” is an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for the HWC Certifying Examination to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

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$3,500 USD paid in full (check or credit card),

OR $3,850 USD with payment plan. Down payment of $850 and 12 monthly payments of $250.

  • We accept all major credit cards via PayPal

  • Monthly installments are automatically billed to your credit card

  • Note: After week 9  of the course you will be responsible for all payments whether you complete the program or not (Please see the refund policy on the application form) 

Additional Costs:

  • Optional - additional reading materials

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